How to Care for Your Shower Glass Enclosure

Don’t fear caring for a shower glass and stop it from installing a new enclosure in your bathroom. Although many people have the same worry, the truth is that a shower glass is fairly simple to maintain, providing you endless years of beauty and great use in the home. Want to make sure your glass lasts? Keep the tips below in mind to prevent damage and mishaps.

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Quality Glass

When your project begins with high-quality glass, you’ll gain confidence in the longevity and durability of the glass. Don’t wrongly assume that all glass is created the same; it’s not, and the wrong option could cost you considerably. Most contractors recommend using a 3/8″ thick glass, preferably one that has tempered glass to prevent breaking.

Quality Installation

Along with quality glass, make sure the professionals you hire to provide glass installation dallas tx offer quality work. So many contractors want to earn another dollar, unconcerned with the quality work they provide. Don’t get stuck with such a contractor and spend a bit of time researching your options! It’s your money and your project; don’t settle for less.

Keep it Clean

Cleaning the glass shower door isn’t difficult nor does it require a lot of your time, but it is important if you wish to maintain the shower doors for as long as possible. To keep a shower door glass clean, simply use a vinegar and water solution on the inside and outside of the door. A weekly cleaning should prevent damages and grime build-up.

The Bottom Line

Many people find glass shower doors a wonderful addition to their bathroom and to their home. They definitely offer appeal and style that you’ll value. Use the tips above to prolong the lifetime of the shower glass doors as well as your peace of mind.